Yikes, it’s been more than 3 weeks since my last (and first blog). My bad, and me – slacker!

    Now I will wheel out my excuse. In my first (and last) blog, I started off by telling you I had attended a business entrepeneaur ra-ra meeting. Well one of the other things they advised was to improve the SEO (this stands for search engine optimization for those of you that are e-challenged) of my site. AND I learnt about this amazing website called Fiverr, where loads of digital admin and marketing jobs can be outsourced online for $5. TRUE, I DID IT. I got an SEO report for $5. Here is the URL https://www.fiverr.com/  I share it so others might benefit as well.

    The report I got was basic, and although I was told by others it was padded with some BS,  I thought it was still pretty wonderful for an e-dummy beginner like me.  Anyway it turns out that I had not entered all the required SEO links from EVERY PAGE (including every product page) of my website. Now who is e-challenged! Have you ever had to do this?  Talk about repetitive soul destroying eye destroying crazy making work! Anyway that’s where i have been lately – in crazy-making land.


    See the object in this photo?  Can you guess what it is.? (Sorry I had to put it first, as an attention grabber.  Did it work? No? oh Blow!) It is the VERY FIRST speccaddy I ever made, four years ago. Of course, it didn’t have a name then and it was the start of a year long trial and error development of the product (which I hasten to add, is still ongoing) When I proudly showed this pathetic little object to careergirl’s husband, I coudn’t work out what expression was in his eyes, as his face was perfectly blank.  I realize now that it was pure horror.  Ah, happy memories!

    For comparison, have a look at one of our latest beautiful speccaddies; Sydney.  I’m so in love with this one, I want to eat it.

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