Hi there, my name is Tanya. I am a semi-retired civil engineer from Melbourne, Australia, and the Speccaddy designer.This is my first ever blog!  You see, I went to a business entrepeneur Ra!-Ra! type meeting to get some additional marketing ideas, and it was actually quite good. They told me (together with another 100 wannabee business hopefuls) that one simply MUST have a blog.

    So I asked my daughters; what on earth will I write about?   My eldest daughter (supermum and Xgen) said; “You’ll think of something … can you pass me the towel, quick, baby (no.5) is projectile vomiting”; my second daughter (careergirl and Ygen) said; “Find some interesting facts about things relevant to your product” ; my third (superresearcher and Ygen) said; “There’s simply TONS of stuff on the internet to pinch”, and my baby daughter (menopausebaby and Egen) said ” You’ll have to do FUNNY, mum”. My ex-husband said nothing because he is an EX and talks to someone else now.  So now I have direction. I’ll start with careergirl’s advice, then superresearcher’s, and the funny thing? well I’ve already said that (Did you recognise it?)!


    Interesting (maybe) fact:   I invented Speccaddy when I found, after cataract surgery, that I had to carry three pairs of eyeglasses around with me simply to function normally. This meant that I had to carry a BIG handbag which put a strain this on my neck and shoulders from the weight of three “coffin box” spectacle cases. You know the ones; big, hard, and ugly, and prone to snap off the fingers of supermum’s exploring infants. I looked a bit like Rambo with his bullet belt on a mission. This is not a good look on an evening out when trying to be cool.  Finally I thought; this is RIDICULOUS.  I will make myself ONE spectacle case that will hold THREE pairs of eyeglasses in it…. and I did. Here is a pic of THREE of those coffin boxes and the ONE Speccaddy triple glasses case that replaces those boxes.

    Stuff pinched from the internet:  Did you know these?      http://www.yatesandsuddell.co.uk/blog/top-5-interesting-facts-about-glasses/   It says there that 25% of the world’spopulation need glasses. How many billions of people is that?!  A percentage of them would definitely benefit from having a speccaddy. Yeah! Well the marketing guru says I have to post something AT LEAST every two weeks, but now I’ll go and have my nanna nap.  I promise the next one will be shorter. Phew, I have written a blog!

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